Titan Optiks is a Gaming Glasses Company, founded by Ethan Armendariz "Camp", for Gamers and Streamers alike. Titan focuses on creating affordable protective eyewear to defend against digital devices, such as smartphones, computer screens, TVs, and tablets, which emit harmful blue light that may be linked to causing eye strain and fatigue, increased risk of macular degeneration, headaches and disrupted sleep cycles.

Titan Optiks specializes in Gaming Glasses that are created to provide gamers with an enhanced gaming experience. Gaming Glasses significantly reduces blue light and glare, and improves contrast and colors, all together improving clarity, focus, and performance. Titan Optiks Gaming Glasses are developed with gamers in mind. The driving force behind Titan Optik, Ethan Armendariz "Camp", is an American entrepreneur, long time Streamer/Gamer, and has 15 years of marketing experience. Camp founded Titan Optiks after experiencing negative side effects from staring at different digital devices, especially in low lit environments, for extended periods of time, and struggling to find products that didn’t break the bank. Camp aimed to develop gaming glasses that would enhance the gaming experience for all at an affordable price. With his 15 years of Marketing Knowledge and personal gaming experience, Camp decided to disrupt the industry with the breakthrough development of Titan Optiks Gaming Glasses. Designed to block harmful blue light, and improve performance by enhancing your gaming experience, the sleek look of Titan Optiks cost-effective Gaming Glasses is a must have for every gamer.

So Armor up and release your inner Titan!

Titan Optiks offers Affiliate Marketing to provide you with the opportunity to reach all your streaming goals. If you are interested in Titan Optiks Affiliate Marketing services, please check that you meet the requirements and contact us at the information provided on our Contact Page. Our recruiters are happy to hear from you and quick to respond. Make a living doing what you love while supporting the Armor that keeps you going! To bring out the inner Titans in all of us.